Graffiti Removal
Some call it art, some call it vandalism. Like it or not, it is a part of the modern railroad scene that many try to duplicate.
Many who do argue that they put it on the model because it's prototypical, not because they agree with it.

Graffiti had been around for decades before the brightly colored spray paint pieces that began appearing on train cars in the mid 1990s


Pressure Washing
• Steam clean sidewalks, common areas, parking lots, picnic areas, and dumpster areas to remove gum, food & stains
• Building structures to remove debris, bird droppings, cobwebs, mold, and mildew
• Water reclamation system that cleans surfaces without water draining to the ocean. This system re-circulates the dirty water back through our filtration system and dumps it into a disposal tank on our trailers.
• Fleet washing of heavy equipment, tractors, trailers, trucks and more.


Window Cleaning
•We specialize in both interior window cleaning and exterior window cleaning for your home or office. We also can provide track cleaning and screen cleaning when you schedule this service.


• Parking lot sweeping and common areas
• Daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly
• All litter is removed from planters and dumpster areas.

Awning Cleaning

Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your expensive awnings.
Let us clean them correctly with our low-pressure method that utilizes the power of proper chemicals.
This is one of the most dramatic game changers in the appearance of your property.

Gutter Cleaning
• Clean and inspect every foot of your gutters
• Ensure proper drainage on the downspouts
• Ensure proper connection from the gutter to the structure
• This is a project that pays for itself. Neglecting to clean your gutters can lead to an overflow of water that can rot the fascia board on your business/Home's siding. When neglected, water maces its way into the structure and can cause serious damage.

Day Porter
• Clean sidewalks & pick up litter
• Clean window sills
• Replace trash liners
• Disinfect public pay phones
• Mop up spills
• Monthly property condition reports

24 hour Emergency services
• Graffiti Removal - Nothing looks worse than having graffiti on your property or place of business. You can count on PPS to remove it in a moment's notice
• Debris Haul-off - Rather needing to remove dumped debris or simply remove some junk, we've got you covered.

Preparation of house for painting
We also help in the preparation of house painting by washing off as much grime, debris and loose paint in order for your paint to adhere better to your structure.

24 hour Emergency services (714) 323-0093
• Graffiti Removal - Nothing looks worse than having graffiti on your property or place of business.
You can count on PPS for fast results. Ask for a free quote.